These boots were made for?

For some reason I thought of this woman, I met her years ago but I suppose we weren’t properly introduced. Was she young? No she definately wasn’t young. She was middle aged then, she was one of those women who may have been young but her lifestyle choices had aged her. She was puffing on a fag, leering at my friend Ellen for awhile before she finally spoke up.

“They’re CFMB, those boots of yours.” Ellen was wearing black leather boots that went about half-way up her thigh.

“Excuse me?”

“CFMB! Come fuck me boots!” The woman laughed, believing she had said the most hillarious thing in the world.
“Thats how I got me husband ya know?” We didn’t know but just nodded and smiled politely, looking around for someone else to talk to at the party.
But the woman had lost interest and returned to her smoking gun, the cigarette between her two yellowed fingers and the fuel to her potent breath, a can of Jack Daniels was nursed in the crook of her arm.

Ellen and I stood there, confused, staring at her boots.

And I still wonder to this day if that was a compliment or an insult towards Ellen’s boots..


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One response to “These boots were made for?

  1. Gem

    Thigh length boots are awesome…or, depends what they look like, they COULD be a bit trashy. Maybe brown ones would be safest…hmm…

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