I was born a unicorn

Your hooves make you sound like a horse.

Don’t you mean my clip-clopping shoes?

No, no you heard me correctly.

But you’ve got it all wrong, I’m not horse. I’m more like a unicorn. Don’t you see my sparkly glitter mane? My metallic horn prodding from the very centre of my skull?

He considered this for a moment.

What I see is a horse in unicorn’s clothing.

I blink. What gave it away?

The paper mache wasn’t really fooling anyone AND its all about noticing the finer details such as your sweaty forehead from the weight of the mane-wig. Your scalp must be on fire with the synthetic material..

It was but I resisted the urge to scratch the hell out of it, Anything else?

His eyes lingered on me. The masking tape. Its fairly obvious isn’t it? I’ve never met a unicorn with masking tape around its horn. Except maybe one made on playschool. I think you can be cleverer than that.

You really think so?

I know so AND you know what else? You can also be the prettiest unicorn that ever, ever was too.

I was pretty chuffed. It was going to be a good day.


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One response to “I was born a unicorn

  1. Oh wow, Shannon!
    I was laughing all the way through that and then it became the sweetest thing ever. This is so great!
    Keep it up!

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