Because i’m rave as baby

As of 12pm today I became in possession of very lovely but rather expensive tickets to the fluro-dance-glowstick-dancing festival PARKLIFE.
For years I have looked at the festival’s lineup with a bit of a “meh” sort of attitude, I haven’t really been up with the DJs or the latest groove tracks. My boyfriend admited that he was shocked when I recently admited that I liked David Guetta. What so I’m not allowed to like house/electro or something so commerically known? Sorry I’ll just go back to my little indie corner where the kids in the dirty cons sit.. I’m not sure if I belong there either.. Is now a bad time to admit that I’m a closet Britney Spears fan? Toxic is a work of art. (This is where you wonder whether I’m being sarcastic or not). The taste of your lips i’m under…

… Anyways, Parklife is the latest instalment to my debit card at the cost of $150 I am hoping that my tax return will cover it and in turn ease the guilt.
This year with an introduction with indie and more live acts the festival has really impressed me. How could I justify paying such an atrocious amount of money for a music festival? A few good reasons, bands/artists which I really admire:
-The Dandy Warhols
-Darwin Deez
-Yolanda Be cool
-Ou est le swimming pool
-The Wombats
-Cut Copy
Yes, I’m slightly salivating at that list.
A lot of the veteran festival goers of Parklife have actually complained because there is apparently too many “live bands” which seems to stem away from usual dance trance scene. Well I don’t think a few guitars and live vocalists ever harmed anyone in fact it might have nutritional value to put some variety in a usual staple diet of deep bass and scratchy records. Yep I really know what I’m talking about with the whole DJ scene…
As philosopher Darwin Deez tells us in between some catchy clapping, “You and I buy star maps and ding dong ditch a televangelist” which really just sums up my day perfectly! :) You gotta be rave baby to get it.



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4 responses to “Because i’m rave as baby

  1. Wahhhhh! I’m don’t get particularly excited about Parklife, but you do, so I’m excited for you. Hope it’s an awesome event/gig/thing!

    • freedomtights

      Haha Sam I know you had to post a comment on my blog! But thanks anyway, what kind of festival do you get excited about?

  2. I think it depends on lineups… I’ve had good St Kilda Festivals, good Soundwaves… High Vibes is often pretty great… Smaller festivals confined to single venues, like the Birmingham Hotel’s 2nd birthday last weekend, they had 18 bands over the venue throughout the day, it was pretty great…that excites me.

  3. Daniel

    Parklife! I’m Excited. It’s a pity David Guetta won’t be performing, shan your ears would of been in heaven. there’s no corners to sit in at parklife. just embrace the music.
    who are these people that say there are too many live bands? i assumed all the bands were live. or are some pre recorded?
    Are we rave. we paid $150. we must be rave

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