Tuesday Lists: Pre-loved Books

Tuesdays are now my unofficial list day!

That is I will post a list of some variety, a revealing and earth-shaping list. I’m going to change the world with a list. Be excited, be very excited. No not a grocery list, although a grocery list can tell a lot about a person. Milk aye? So you like Milk then? With cereal or in your tea or… .? Oh… poured on your toast.. My that is slightly unusual…. (hem).

Lists are a great writing activity, to get the ball rolling. A list can metamorphose into poetry or form a character. Yes a bit of a getting-to-know you with the ol imagination. Getting to know you… Getting to know mee….

A couple of months back I went to a Creative-writing Boot camp as a part of the Emerging writer’s festival and lists were one of the things we were asked to do, “Write a list of things that Steve is afraid of,” “Write a lists of lists” etc. Good fun eh? I encourage you to try it. Go on, do it.

As I am a huge fan of finding books in op-shops and second-hand community book shops CHEAP BOOKS, today’s list is: Books I have recently bought from these said places. Ok it may not be exactly earth-shaping but I’ve got to start somewhere and I like books. And you’ll never know what you’ll find in these places, its not like an ordinary bookshop. The prices range from 30 cents to $5 on what I have paid for these books. An * next to the title indicates that it is a university text.

A list of my new Pre-loved Books

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy- Douglas Adams
The Restaurant at the End of the Universe- Douglas Adams
*The Odyssey- Homer
*Beloved- Toni Morrison
Looking for Alibrandi- Melinda Marchetta
The Phantom of the Opera- Gaston Leroux
*Thebean Plays- Sophocles
*King Lear- Shakespeare
The Fig Tree- Arnold Zable (this guy was a guest lecturer for our Telling Stories class one week, I was pretty surprised to find this baby in an op shop..)
Who’s Writing This? Fifty-five writers on humour, courage, self-loathing, and the creative process
This is not a book (Adventures in popular philosophy)- Michael Picard



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2 responses to “Tuesday Lists: Pre-loved Books

  1. Mmmm, I wasn’t a huge fan of Arnold Zable’s writing that we read in class. Is his book any good? Or does the fact that it was in an op-shop tell us something?
    Good list otherwise! I need to go into the city for a proper used-book-romp for uni.

    • freedomtights

      Yeh well it was only a dollar so I thought I would give it a go.. Plus I could trade it in at the community book shop to get a book discounted. I don’t think I like it. I’ve read a chapter or so and its perhaps a bit too sentimental for me and goes all over the place I don’t know where its heading. You know how he talked in class and he kept getting lost in other stories? Its like that. I’ve started reading Beloved its really good although it keeps getting laughed at because it has an Oprah Book Club sticker on it haha. Oprah also starred in the film version of the book.

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