Tuesday Lists: How to get through the last few weeks of winter blues and prepare for spring

I wrote this for the late August edition of RMIT magazine but I’m not sure whether or not they’ll be publishing it or not. So it here it is for your pretty eyes instead.

How exciting, a new season of sun is nearly upon us. Spring makes me think of sundresses and shorts and lazy days on the grass. Unfortunately before we get there we must struggle through the last few weeks of winter and the blues that come with it.

How to get through the last few weeks of winter blues and prepare for spring:

1. When the sun is out, make the most of it. Sure Facebook may seem like fun at the time but afterward a Facebook-binge you’ll feel guilty and lethargic. Go for a walk, play tennis or read a book in the sun. Whatever floats your boat, just go outside!

2. Wear something colourful. Colour that isn’t black, grey and white that is. Yes everything may go well with that palette but do you really want to be a seasonal Goth?

3. When it is cold, freezing, miserable and pouring down rain put on some happy, upbeat tunes. Days like these by The Cat Empire for instance would be a good choice encouraging dancing and singing. Halleluiah by Jeff Buckley however would not be a good choice and may lead one to sit in the dark for hours writing angst-themed poetry.

4. Invite a friend over for a cuppa poured out of a tea-pot and everything. If you’re feeling adventurous make some scones or biscuits for this event or perhaps just venture down to your supermarkets biscuit aisle instead.

5. Take advantage of what’s on at the art gallery, museum and movie theatre. Remarkably all these places have indoor heating and are great substitutes for ones own warm abode.

6. Fight the bear-like hibernation urges. Set your alarm fifteen or twenty minutes before you have to get up for uni. It will give you time to press the snooze buttons a couple of times and find the inner strength to get out of bed.

7. Stock up on hay-fever meds if you’re a sneezy, runny-nosed, hay-fever sufferer before spring creates havoc on your nasal system.
8. Plan what herbs, flowers or vegetables you would like to plant for spring if you’re a greenie. If you’re not yet a greenie now is the time to consider it. Growing herbs is a great way to save money and wastage on ingredients.

9. Just because its nearly spring doesn’t mean you should go prancing around in your new short shorts. You don’t want to be hospitalised for pneumonia do you? Don’t be a ninny, wear a jumper and pants.

10. Finally, spring always seems to lead to a dreaded word: spring-cleaning. But maybe it is time that you thought about those old clothes and books you don’t want anymore that are just collecting dust in your home? You could do a clothes swap with some friends, sell them at the markets or just give them to an op-shop.


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