Nearly-black tea & blogging

Feeling a bit meh. I realise that after only two (or was it three?) weeks of Tuesday lists I have failed to post what I promised. I’m sorry but not really. I do want to post regularly but I want it to be about things I’m interested about and sharing. In non-fiction writing this week we learnt how how to make an effective blog and get and keep and audience. And the thing is, my blog is just to experiment and to write.

I don’t really care much about a blog audience even though I know how to build tha ast I’ve done it on my Deviant Art site and it requires alot of be-friending and commenting and time.

But I spend enough time on the internet as it is. So theres a little heads up. I’d like to be really committed but at the moment I’m just not feeling it.

Some days I feel like I’m getting somewhere with my writing other days I feel like crawling under a rock for awhile. Although I wouldn’t use that sentence because its too cliche which is condemned and frowned upon by superior rulers of the universe.


But nothing more was said and the man with the ice-cream truck suddenly felt cold, very cold. Frozen gizzards that could snap at any moment, cold. And this was not due to the large proportions of delicious ice-cream in his automobile either.. . . . . .. .. ..


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