This love song has no words

This was published in Ex Calamus – our RMIT Creative Writing Student E-zine. It was written for the theme Fracture.

The metal in my mouth was gone you said
No longer taste it. Just spit now.
“Not eating nails for breakfast anymore?”
Of course I still was, nine inch nails, I replied
Flannelette jacket with red squares, so filthy
You talked about that band
Always talking about bands,
“Fuck you like an animal. Great, great, song.”
You went on to sing it, fringe in your mouth
Grabbing my shoulders, trying to dance with me
Useless like a broomstick I was swept along
Sneaker-laces dangling
Collecting the crumbs from breakfast
“Dance, c’mon, dance.”
There’s no music, I tried
The cassette player was broken now
Tossed out in pieces for hard-rubbish day
“There’s always music.”
A car alarm in the street banged in my ears
While a train licked its bend-out tracks
“Hear the love song?” You said
I nodded, palms in your hands
Dancing but not singing
To a love song that had no words


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