Socially Accepted Excuses for Wearing your Pyjamas all day

1. I’m sick and require the comfort of my dolphin patterned flannels in my time of ill-health.

2. It’s the weekend and dammnit I’ll do what I want.

3. All my clothes are on a deep cleansing and thorough six-hour cycle in the washing machine.

4. I’m making an anti-fashion statement and will not conform to the capitalistic ideals of consumerism and needless consumption.

5. My pyjamas promote inner holistic energy.

6. I’m having a pyjama party and am waiting for my guests to arrive.

7. My daily horoscope told all Capricorns that they should dress comfortably today.

8. I spent my last three pay-checks on these designer pyjamas and need to get my money’s worth, which may entale living in them for a few years.

9. My jim jams help me scare away door-to-door sales persons.

10. I’ve got really bad chafing between my never regions.







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