Being a Feminist is more than just about body hair

From the start let’s make it clear:

Feminism is not about whether females  do or don’t  shave their  legs, head, armpits or their pubic hair.

Feminism does not mean females have to dress in combat marching boots, boycott beauty products or charge at males with their  pitchforks.

Tuesday was International Women’s day and Mia Freedman’s site Mamamia led a discussion about what it means to be a feminist which I found really interesting. I think too often our society is caught up in the physical image of what a feminist LOOKS like rather than the ideals which they possess. Being a feminist is about positive change and EQUAL rights for females across this big scary world. In the Western world we may falsely believe that we have it all, we are certainly told that our opportunities are as great as a man’s but as

Ellison Bloomfield wrote:

“..Women do 2/3 of the world’s work, produce 1/2 of the world’s food, yet earn just 10% of the world’s income and own 1% of the world’s property. In both developing and developed countries women suffer rape, sexual abuse and domestic violence. On the lesser end of the scale in the workforce we are paid less, battle the glass ceiling and many deal with the guilt of balancing work and family responsibilities…”

Being a feminist should not be a dirty word, let’s get rid of the stigma and make it very simple, a very basic word for equality.

What do you think?




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One response to “Being a Feminist is more than just about body hair

  1. stace-dawg

    this is my friend’s blog I was telling you about.

    p.s: loving freedom tights blog!!!!

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