Hang on, where’s my “off” switch again?

“Thinking is the greatest torture in the world for most people.”

Do you have an off-switch for your thoughts? Or do you just go on, and on and on….?  An estimated 30 to 50 percent of the population suffer from form of insomina, that is the inability to fall asleep and it seems like our thoughts are getting in the way of getting some good shut eye.

I envy people who say they just close their eyes and everything just melts away. Asleep within five to ten minutes! Are these people taking some pixie dust? No, they just know how where to switch off which alot of us find very difficult. I often feel like I have to trick myself into falling asleep, have I become addicted to my thoughts and ideas?

Perhaps the reason falling asleep has become so difficult for many of us is that we give ourselves little space in the day to focus on ourselves but are too busy chasing our tails, jumping through hoops, crossing off things in the list. So when we finally close our eyes its often the only time we get alone with our ourselves.

There was this girl I had to do a group assessment with at uni and she was studying Journalism. She told me that she never stopped thinking, that she could hardly focus on a book because she was too busy obsessing over things that needed to be done. She spent Saturday nights studying and re-writing. She was of course a perfectionist and a high achiever but despite her high marks and intelligence she couldn’t enjoy herself.

It made me think alot my own thoughts and about finding this “off” switch.  If we don’t switch off every now and then our body will find the off switch by shutting the body down.

And this is not a good thing.




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