Devon and Chicken Loaf- the worst kind of meat there is

I’ve got a few years of deli experience under my belt. I’ve dealt with the evil, malicious spikes of prawns and filled black trays full of wobbly chicken breast (or as one man delightfully said: Chicken boobies!). There’s bloody chicken necks and spluttered splattered hot oily chicken mingled with the stench of marked down fish at bargin prices.  Grossed out yet?

Surprisingly, these things (and juices) don’t really phase me. What does baffle me and give me that erghhhh shiver down my spine is people who order devon and chicken loaf.  And this stuff is popular, very popular in more middle to lower income families who feed it daily to their spawn. Devon comes in big cylinder slabs of processed pink meat, which is then sliced at about 1.5 to 2 centimetres on a slicer. Chicken Loaf is square and a creamy white colour and comes in a big slab. These meats are so processed that all the meat remains stuck together, there is a cooking agent that makes it all come together as one.

Some may say these meats are popular because they are cheap and nasty, but at 8.99 a kilo (for devon) and 11.99 (for chicken loaf) it is not much cheaper than the ham which is on special for the week which is around 10-12 a kilo. So, why then? I reckon its because people do not know whats in it. Sweet, oh sweet oblivion.

And there was the day when I happily wedged a piece of devon on some bread with a bit of sauce at age eight. But no more.  Devon is about 60% meat. What meat you say? Well that is the question, its mostly pork but is not very specific in which part of the pig the meat comes from. And hang on a second? 60%?! Only 60% meat! Yep, another 40% of that red pink slice is glucose or fat keeping that baby all together nicely. Not too mention artificial colours and flavourings. Even Wikipedia proved useless into uncovering the truth about whats in ya devon sandwich.

Chicken Loaf is not really chicken but really fat and glucose loaf. It contains wheat and flavourings and resembles a piece of rubber. Delicious! God knows if any chicken is actually in the processed thing.


So next time you pop into a delicatessen take note of the physical appearance of your desired sliced meat choice. Does it look like something someone has stepped in? Do you really know what animal it has come from? But if these things don’t matter to you, proceed to gluttonous unknown animal squish bliss.



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21 responses to “Devon and Chicken Loaf- the worst kind of meat there is

  1. Raian

    where can I get some Chicken loaf in CO?

  2. Angela S

    My mother just mentioned a craving she had for this chicken loaf which sounds God Awful but she wants some. Shannon I believe CO from Raian is Colorado but I am in Atlanta Georgia. Do you know of any place online or otherwise that I can get some for my mother in Atlanta? She used to work in Troutman’s grocery store back in Kansas when she was a Senior in high school so that is where she used to eat it. Please let me know. Thank you.

    • Shannon McKeogh

      Hi Angela, seeing as I live in Australia I am not used to acroynms for American states so thanks for that. I have no idea where you get some for your mother. In Australia its sold over the counter in the deli at supermarkets. Maybe you should come out to Australia?

  3. alicia

    so what exactly is chicken loaf made of then!

    It is a delicious meat and sometimes people don’t have enough money to buy ham or chicken because even though they work day and night at their local gentlemen’s club they still do not have enough spare dollar bills to buy some big fancy, meat platter! JESUS SHUNS THOSE WHO JUDGE OTHERS AND THAT INCLUDES PEOPLE WHO LIKE DEVON, IT DOESNT MATTER IF YOU’RE BLACK OR YOU’RE WHITE BECAUSE WE ARE ALL PEOPLE AND EVERYONE DESERVES TO EAT.

  5. Travis

    Complete nonsense. The Devon I buy has 70% meat, o.o4% fat and the rest various starches. Sausages are usually 80/20% meat/fat in proportion which is not dissimilar. If you are concerned about which part of the animal the meat comes from you probably shouldn’t eat meat at all because at the molecular level it’s no different from eating leg tissue. Your just picking on the legs!

  6. Skye Brand

    Mum would never let me eat that crap as a kid (or those mini Frankfurt things). I always felt so left out as I was, quite seriously, the only child in my class who did not bring a Devon & tomato sauce sandwich on white sliced bread. I was so hard done by! My lunch was on home made sour dough & was roast meat from the night before with home made pickles/chutney & salad or home made soup in a thermos with a home made crusty bread roll…

    Now my kids ask for Devon & tomato sauce sandwiches & I laugh at them & tell them “we only eat what we can recognise as food” & send them to school with home made sour dough & was roast meat from the night before with home made pickles/chutney & salad or home made soup in a thermos with a home made crusty bread roll…

    • Mel

      Good for u. Some people don’t have $ for ‘sour dough’ and roasts every night of the week. The word snob comes to mind.

      • nay

        Exactly, I mean some people are far too busy spending their precious $ on the medication they need for the lifestyle induced illnesses that they’ve developed as a result of not spending any $ on actual food. How dare anyone advocate the eating of sour dough when they could otherwise suggest people eat a concoction of substances that when combined into a single product, may then legally be referred to as “food”. What assholes.

    • Skye Brand is a wanker

      HAHAHA, the word “wanker” comes to mind, I can just image the heckling your children would experience from their lowly school friends when they explain how superior their food is

      • nay

        Those “lowly school friends” probably couldn’t comprehend the explanation because they’ve just consumed a sandwich shaped, chemical by-product and they’re too busy running around with buckets on their heads and barking like dogs. Sky Brand, you’re doing a wonderful job.

  7. Samantha

    I have also worked in deli for 3 years..
    And I’ve me handles all kinds if meats..
    Devon is like sausages..
    They are both processed meat. But that is ok, there is nothing wrong with that?
    It’s just meat put together..
    It’s not the skin, eyes, stomach or anything like that of animals.. Because that’s horrible..
    The meat works use the scraps that don’t get used within the good parts of steak and BBQ ribs and all.
    My brother works in a meat works and he said not gonna lie we do you a lot of preservatives but there is nothing wrong with Devon.
    So I like Devon and I’m a fan of Devon!

  8. Mel

    Well done. You sound like a treat to be around. And yes ignorance is bliss. So is chicken loaf. I don’t give a shit what’s in it. Yum yum yum.

  9. Red

    Don’t know where you worked but not once have I seen Devon as high as $8.99 a kilo nor have I seen it sliced thicker than a mm or two !! Nowhere never !!!

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  11. Lynda

    Devon is loved by both my mother and myself and we usually buy it and some ham once a week, in fact I had a devon sandwich for lunch today – it was yummy (didn’t have tomato sauce with it, just plain white bread and two slices of devon) . I loathe chicken loaf though, but that’s just my opinion and maybe its better you hate devon as that means more for me!

  12. leeloo

    chicken loaf and pineapple is delish on a sandwich

  13. Kristen

    Mmm… chicken loaf.

    Have been searching for it but haven’t seen it sold in any store for at least 15 years, maybe 20. It was my favorite deli “meat” as a kid growing up in the 1970s & 80s. It was a round loaf though… some called it chicken roll.

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