Uni Australia Article: Looking after your mental health

Great Expectations: Mental Health is a recent article I wrote for the Uni Australia website. It was something I was really passionate about writing about, being a worry-wart and all myself. I really admire writers who are able to be honest about life through their writing, by being engaging and informative at the same time.

Extract of my article:

Great Expectations:  Mental Health

Have you ever felt like the pressure is just too much?

Having a healthy body and a healthy mind is promoted through models with gleaming white teeth, accompanied by a stretch of yoga on the beach. “Stress less,” the article coos, “and listen to your inner chakra.” Chakra? Is that a type of chocolate?

The thing is, looking after your body seems fairly straight forward, avoiding the golden arches of capitalism may be a good start, getting off the bar stool and finally eat something green (and no, a lime slushie does not count) and you’ll be fine. The healthy mind part is a little bit more complicated and personal. University students are exposed to a lot of stress on a daily basis; they must juggle lectures, tutorials, independent study, deadlines, part-time work, (relationship) commitments, family commitments, work experience commitments, a social life, house-work..

The list goes on and on and…. Stress is a natural response to our environment and with the right amount it will help us perform and motivate us to not be a lazy sod. If you have too little stress you may become a living and breathing couch potato. University students like most people in our fast-paced go-get-em! society, are overcommitted and are told that stress is our friend and that by having great expectations of ourselves we will get on down that yellow brick road of happiness.

However problems occur when we have prolonged stress, when expectations to perform are pushed off the charts. This may happen when you have too many juggling balls in the air and you get no rest from these stresses. Prolonged stress can cause many problems like anxiety disorders and depression, both of which can cause an inability to function normally. Despite the high risk of psychological disorders, people treat stress as an achievement, people will boast to one another, “I’m so stressed out. I’ve been sooo busy.” It’s a competition, but really nobody wins….

Read the rest of my article here.


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