More Time Travel: Can I go back in time to save myself the agnoy of watching “Hot Tub Time Machine?”

I briefly mentioned Time Travel in my last post, although that was more about emotional/mental transportation through a memory rather than a physical movement or jump in time.  If I could go back in PHYSICAL TIME I would like to stop myself from wasting 90 odd minutes of absolute shit in the film: Hot Tub Time Machine. Well, that was what I was thinking of in my philosophy class today, whether one can change the outcome of their future or present by going back in time and going down a different path. Now, I have drawn this awesome graph which sort of signifies this “idea” of time travel with dimensions and stuff. Although you may struggle to read my scrawl..


Obviously there are some serious problems with the generalised “time-machine” theory in the role of alternate universes and what happens to the original self which does the travelling? Hermonine’s Time Turner was briefly bought up in regards this “spilt-self” or second self. Dimensions and stuff yeah?

Quantam physics does my head in. It doesn’t matter how many cute graphics and pop cultural references are added to a short five minute YouTube clip it is not simplified and it does not make any more sense to me. My head is still traumatised from today’s onslaught of a five minute quantam physics “torture” clip.  The book The Time Travellers Wife seems to make some interesting suggestions about time and seem to fit into another possible “jumping” time theory. It is quite a good book but mostly just a good chick lit read but does require some brain power to fit the “jumping” together. Other time conundrums are seen in the likes of Donnie Darko. Although that has its own problems…  But I would recommend watching that film because it means having the bodacious eye candy Jake Gyllenhaal. Which is the perfect formula for any good time travelling theory!

Anyways,  we’re moving onto self-identity later this week so no more time travel. Phew! Expect some Derek Zoolander who-am-i’s coming your way…







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