“No way! I have morals!” What job would you not take on?

There’s some thing in this day and age that we just see as morally wrong. Generally, our morals are ingrained to us from birth perhaps with or without religious thumping. “Thou shall not kill,” is a popular moral code.  But when it comes to earning some cash where do we draw the line with our social and moral responsibility? Jobs which are considered morally wrong are those which impact negativily on society or a person’s well-being/health/life etc.

Here are some obvious ones:

1) A hitman/sniper: involves killing others and is an obvious no-no. Does an army person fit into this do you reckon?

2) Drug mule/dealer/grower/seller: with high fatality rates from drug users, supplying to minors,  negative impact on well-being of person by being source for ongoing addiction.

3) Prostitution/pimp/brothel owner: involves exploiting one’s own body performing sexual acts for money.

On a lesser scale but still with an important role to play in today’s game of life:

1) Health industry workers (pharmacists, doctors, nurses etc): providing drugs and medicine for an ageing population. This may slow down death but also causes the dying process to be more painful and slower due to advancement of modern medicine. Sourcing drugs to those who don’t need it, such as sleeping tablets.  The highest number of drug addicts are actually legal prescription drug users.

2) Tobacco companies/tobacco farmers/cigarette outlets:  involves them profiting from an addictive substance which is the cause of many major lifestyle diseases. Or as one can put it  you giving them money and them giving you yellow teeth and lung cancer in return!

3) Fast food companies/takeaway: Again, providing the substance (food) to fatties who will suffer from many obesity problems.  And nurturing the youths into becoming fatties!

4) Advertising, magazine editors/models/ the whole consumerist sha-bang: Why? Coz they are contributing to a consumerist and capitalist society with image obsessed persons perhaps seen as the root of all eating-disorders. This delightful youtube clip “We want your soul” will sum that up for you. Sing along!

The guilt I have felt with my jobs have been in the 3) category. Ahh the lingering guilt of providing a fatty with their oozing saturated love affair with greasies. And 2) with giving people their fags, onwards to face cancer I say! But my morals have slipped too when it comes to category 4).

When I was an anarchic (hah!) and anti-consumerism teen (see picture below) I saw the billboards and advertising in Melbourne as little difference to the scum between my toes. For how could a person possibly work for the “man?” with such useless products? These products would just make you ill (physically, mentally..) in great consumption.

Since these glorious teen years I have sold my soul to online surveys for marketing companies for money. I have participated in focus groups again, for that delightful thing called money. I consoled my moral woes this way: marketing groups are going to use my information online through social networking websites for free without my permission and I’m getting ripped off. I might as well get paid $50 an hour to discuss the aesthetic nature of hosiery, socks and underwear.

What job have you had moral dilemmas with?



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2 responses to ““No way! I have morals!” What job would you not take on?

  1. Grace Mc

    the penny test: once when i was walking with three friends a jogger went past in the opposite direction and dropped a dollar. as soon as it pinged on the ground all four of us spun around to watch the jogger pick it up and continue on. two of us spun to check that the jogger had indeed picked up her dollar. the other two hoped that the jogger hadn’t noticed the ping, and could then collect a dollar. can you guess which one i was?
    (this really should be called the dollar test)

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