University subjects they will never offer – but wish they did

It is probably since the release of the Harry Potter books that I became somewhat apathetic towards my high school (and later) university subjects. Sure, World Myths and Narratives is fun but it’s never going to compare to the wand-thrusting antics of Defence Against the Dark Ages.

Harry Potter aside – here’s some university subjects they could offer in future, you know just for future generation’s advanced learning in certain areas…

-Pyjama design through the ages

-Advanced play dough sculpturing

-Facebook status’ that have changed the world

-Pub Trivia for beginners

-Apocalyptic possibilities (usually involving zombies)

-Fine Art (finger painting)

-The Holistic powers of origami

-Reading the future with fortune cookies

-The philosophy of chocolate

I specially like the last one….  Enroll today!


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