Lip mag Lit Review: ‘The Monk’ by Matthew Lewis

Lip mag is not your average girl magazine. It’s original and intelligent and is not all about free lip glosses, sex positions  and Justin Bieber. It’s a new kettle of fish for girls who aspire to be more than just your average Britney, Paris or Lindsay.  Their web content is also pretty darn sweet. I recently got to review Matthew Lewis’ ‘The Monk’ for them.  Here’s an extract….

‘The Monk: A Romance’: Let’s talk about sex baby

‘Wild with desire, He clasped the blushing Trembler in his arms. He fastened his lips greedily upon hers, sucked in her pure delicious breath, violated with his bold hand the treasures of her bosom….’ (pg 262)

Despite what you may initially think, this is not a Mills and Boons novel. There are no rose petals sprinkled on the bed, or sweet romantic strolls clasped hand-in-hand with a sun-kissed foreigner named Pablo. What Matthew Lewis’ classic gothic novel, The Monk does have instead is much more exciting. It’s a labyrinth of sexual obsession, murder, religious nutters and ghoulish supernatural guests. Oh and incest. Got to love a bit of incest.

The Monk was penned in 1794, years before any sexual revolutions had occurred and centuries before Salt “N” Pepper ever caused havoc to our ears with: ‘Let’s talk about sex baby.’ During Lewis’ lifetime it was religion and the church which had the greatest influence over the law and its people. Sex and sexual desire – the big no-no – was squashed under the sandals of religious leaders by giving the European people a good moralistic bible-thumping. Despite this, Lewis pushed the boundaries of sexual freedom by creating characters in The Monk with rich sexual and psychological depth that Freudians would later salivate over.

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