When girls grow up…They’ve got to be sexy

The other week I went to a party with the costume theme: “when I grow up..”  It seemed pretty straight forward.  However upon conversing with a fellow supermarket employee ( a male) about what I should dress up as I was a bit shocked. These gender generalisations were confirmed later by google images when googling costume ideas.

A (mostly) true conversation:

Shannon: Hey Pat, what should I dress up as to this party I’m going to? The theme is when I grow up..

Patrick: A sexy nurse

Shannon: Umm.. Or, I could go as a secretary or business-woman.

Patrick: A hot, short-skirted secretary

Shannon: A policewoman?

Patrick: A stripper policewoman

Shannon: A spy or FBI agent?

Patrick: Lara Croft tomb raider oh yeah!

Shannon: A footballer?

Patrick:  Nah, that’s too manly.

Shannon: Right.. Well how about I go as a prostitute then?

Patrick: That could work.


In case you’re wondering I ended up dressing up as a flight attendant (no mile-high jokes please). But yes there was all of the above occupations in their sexualised form at the party. There was even a few girls who wore shirts proudly with the word “Hooters” on them.  Is this a sign of sexual liberation of young women, or just women buying into the social belief that they are just sex icons and doing what seems to be expected of them?


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