This little piggy went to the book fair!

A couple of weeks back I went to a marvellous book fair, 10 books for $10!  Some of these I have already read and mentioned on Freedom Tights but I thought I would share my other second-hand babies and their beautiful covers. They are a mix of fiction and non-fiction. My book fair collection ranges from subjects on feminism, the tobacco company, science, fan fiction of Nabokov’s Lolita, science-fiction, celebrities and dreams. I also picked up my program director’s novel, Imago!

1. But enough about me… -Jancee Dunn

2. Republic of women – Merrill Findlay

3. Imago- Francesca Rendle-Short

4. The Spaces Between Us- Thrity Umrigar

5. Beauty- Robin McKinley

6. 10,000 Dreams Intepreted

7. An Anthropologist on Mars- Oliver Sacks

8. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency- Dougas Adams

9. Cigarettes: Anatomy of an industry from seed to smoke – Tara Parker-Pope

10. Lo’s Diary – Pia Pera



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3 responses to “This little piggy went to the book fair!

  1. Ruby

    let me know what you think of Imago when you’ve finished it
    —– I read it over the summer holidays

    • freedomtights

      I shall, but I have alot of other books I want to read first. I got it purely so I could wave around and say to people “I know the person who wrote this book!”

  2. Ahh, well done! I have only read the Umrigar book on the list, and it’s one of her better ones.

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