Mx article: Giving up Facebook for Lent

Last Wednesday one of my articles got published in the freebie Melbourne train newspaper, Mx. Exciting hey! A few people have said to me, “I didn’t know you gave up Facebook to write an article about it.” But honestly, I didn’t do it for that reason, I wasn’t doing a Sarah Wilson of self-discovery.

Below, is the edited version (thankyou Gemma Watson for mailing me a copy!) If you’d like to read the non-edited version, it’s here. My article was sent to the chopping board, halved, quartered and then sent out to the masses. For good reason too perhaps, to take out the bulk of waffle.



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7 responses to “Mx article: Giving up Facebook for Lent

  1. Andy

    Hahaha Shannon I love this! It’s so true, i’m totally feeling it. Congrats on getting it into mx!!!

  2. That’s awesome, dude. Kudos to you!

    It’s through the above article that I found your blog…and I’ve been meaning to ask you, whom, exactly, did you contact @ MX to attempt to get published in the “For what it’s worth” section?

    As a fellow writer, I’d love to give it a try as well. Also, I noticed you’re one of the top 5 finalists in the National Youth Week competition this year…I was top 5 last year, ZOMG!

    ::cue Twilight Zone theme::

    Heh heh. Happy to send through my story to you (I’ve yet to read yours…but I shall, post-haste!). I’d link to my entry from last year but they’ve no longer got the top 5 finalists page, just the winners (drat, hee!).

    • freedomtights

      Hey Pretzel Thief,
      Thanks! Glad my er… shameless self-promotion of putting my blog at the bottom of the article made you find my blog! In terms of getting into MX, it is not hard at all. On the second page it has a list of contacts just email the editor, Stephen Acott, and say you have a piece for the ‘Whats it worth section’ its about 500 words I think.. Totally give it a try! And let me know when you’re in there hey.

      Thanks for the kudos and congrats and stuff about Youthweek, I’m so excited! I never finish my stories so it was a big thing just sending it in let alone be selected. I would like to read your piece for sure, well done on last years finalism. Is it on your blog?

      • Thank ye! And thanks for the info re. whom to contact, et al. Keep ya posted on how it goes, heh heh.

        Also, I hear ya on the “never finish my stories” deal — I’m totally the same. But I broke that habit last year with the comp, virtually forgot I had even entered, and then when I was informed I was top 5 I literally had that movie-like “OMG, aaaahhhh!” moment of jumping around the living room, hee!

  3. …and I (stupidly) neglected to add, CONGRAAATS on being top 5! :-)

  4. D’oh! Forgot to add again, the story isn’t on my blog (hmm, I might post it), but I’ll send it to you as soon as I read yours!

  5. freedomtights

    Yes :) please do. My email is

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