In Santa Luce

This is a short piece of fictional writing I wrote today. Not sure what I’m going to do with it yet, just wanted to share. It has been such miserable weather lately that it would be nice to get on a plane and go to Tuscany. Due to lack of funds the next best thing I have at the moment is my imagination.

Santa Luce was a Tuscan village fortunate of many things. It’s beauty was the most obvious, the tiny village was nestled in a crevice of wide green hills dotted with olive trees. Vines and ivy had grown in a thick mesh over the town square’s walls.

Many of the buildings within the town square had been hand-built by the villager’s ancestors from over three hundred years ago, the cold clay structures kept out the sun on humid summer days and nights. Violets and sunflowers sprouted like weeds on the sides of streets where cobblestone had become loose. Santa Luce smelt like sweet honeysuckle in the spring time and wet, forest moss in the winter time.

Maria Ambrosio, a seventeen year old girl of wild, tangled black hair was happy to call Santa Luce her village. What she was not happy about however was riding her ancient 1985 Vespa over the bumpy and uneven roads. It was made even harder by the fact that she was riding and steering one-handed, the other arm was wrapped around a brown bag full of groceries.  Maria kept her speed low and swore under her breath as she drove around a tight bend, tomatos nearly falling out of the bag.

 “Maria!” A voice called from the right. Maria looked up warily, but grinned as she saw her friend Cecila Di Volti spread out on a deck chair in a green paddock off the road.

“Ciao Ceclia! Comme est ta?” Maria jumped off her scooter and went over to her friend.

“Biene, of course. Who couldn’t be? The day is beautiful.”

“It is. I see you are making the most of it. Sun-tanning?” Maria eyed her friend’s gorgeous skin, a rich olive tan.

“You know my vanity too well. I am catching up with some reading as well.” Hello magazine and Italia’s Vogue, were piled high next to her.

“And what about you mi Maria? What are you about to today? I see shopping?”

Maria sighed, “not the interesting type mind you. I was at the grocery store. Nonna Maria is teaching me how to make her famous ravioli pasta so I was picking up a few things.” Maria was named after her grandmother, the name she did not mind, it was that they had the exactly same face down to the single eyelash except that Nonna Maria’s face was aged with wrinkles and sun spots. Strangers who had never met Maria but knew her grandmother often exclaimed loudly, “Little Maria! Little Maria Ambrosio!” And squeezed and pinched her face like a piece of clay.

“Ahh delicious! I am quite peckish but I am on this low sugar diet. It’s stupid, can hardly eat anything.”

Celia went on and off diets like a light switch, it was more out of boredom than actual concern of her weight.

“And what else is happening today? After you are a crisp pretzel?”

Celia pouted her lips, “What day is it?”

“Saturday.” Maria sighed.

“Who wants to be a millionaire is on tonight. So, I have a hot date with my television set.” Apart from beauty and health, Cecila’s other hobby was watching and consuming game shows. Although really it wasn’t just a hobby,  she was a fanatic.



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3 responses to “In Santa Luce

  1. Gem

    Thanks Shannon! I just had a “what laundry? what people? what trouble? what rain?” moment: it all disappeared…
    Can I commission you to write some more so I don’t have to return to it all? …*sigh*

  2. Gem

    I could probably pay you in post-it notes…?

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