A while back I entered a lil’ ol story competition for YouthWeek. It’s the first story competition I had entered in a couple of years. Why not? You ask. Well, I have been known to been intimated by the scary entry forms and the themes. Thoughts of prize money and being judged word for word often makes me shake ‘n’ rattle in my holey socks like a junkie on a park bench waiting for their dealer.

But taking the risk, getting out of your comfort zone, it pays off. I submitted my story “The Technicolor Dog” and found out the other week that I have been shortlisted. I whooped, cheered and went to work with a smile on my face. Most of all I felt proud that I had finished the darn thing and submitted it instead of leaving it half-baked and another project in the pile of my life of projects.

So, if you’d like to read my story and VOTE for me (only if you like it though!) please take your eyeballs here. There’s some other amazing talent of fresh-skinned babes of under 25 on the site as well.  My mate Andrew Pearce is in the Photography Senior section and worth taking a look at as well.

Now, I only have to wait two weeks to find out who the winners are. Ahh the suspense!



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