National Young Writer’s Month Challenge

I’m taking part in the National Young Writer’s month challenge – a part of Express Media which does some wonderful things for young writers. The aim of the exercise is to set a goal or challenge and work towards it for the whole month. I get daily writing-advice love and support in my inbox. It acts as a reminder of my goal:

‘To write a short story for a competition submission.’

The problem many writers find is the time to write. Sure we have the time somewhere squeezed in between yelling at the boyfriend and ironing that shirt for work.. Last night I was hunched over the computer screen at midnight spewing out words til collapsing into bed and remembering that I had to get up early to work on a time-ticking bomb, THE 2500 word essay…

A certain face lifted ex-hollywood screenwriter told my aspiring writer class-mates:

“It’s not enough to have beautiful thoughts and ideas. What are you going to do with your beautiful thoughts?”

Also in the same quote-vein is something Mia Freedman said about writing, “you can edit crap words you can’t edit no words.”

Amen to that!


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