Writing on trains and NYWM’s challenge

First of all, sorry for the lack of online words. Stop reading about now if you don’t want to read my pithy excuses.. My computer has been a frozen-pizza, there has been numerous hours of work in flourescent lighting beep-beep-beep and lots of interstate travel from sticks to smog. Oh, and that blood-sucking essay of Dracula-Twilight female sexuality. Well, that was a bit of fun. But here I am,  all yours baby.

The train broke down the other day. Well, the train in front of the train I was on, broke down. In Wallan. Which made my three and half hour trip up to five hours. It didn’t annoy me -that much. I was scribbling away on a story I was working on, writing both passes the time and also manages anxiety about life quite nicely. I was also offered sugar-free lollies by the cigarette smoker lady beside me. I declined but was humbled by the offer of sweets. I was also hopeful that the lollies would mask out her bad nicotine breath. It’s odd but I find in easier to concentrate on trains, with more noise and movement then just the stillness of my house. It’s a bit of a bad habit, needing a train-trip to write though.

 As I wrote in my last post, I’m currently involved in the National Young Writer’s Month and although I have not been blog-posting (hopefully that will change) I have been working on my challenge, its floating quite nicely. I have been getting daily emails from the program director and am in the NYWM Facebook group and man, its the best motivation getting these reminders and suggestions in your inbox. Supportive ones too, not mean YOU LAZY BUM STOP WATCHING DEGRASSI ones.

My challenge was to write a story to submit in a short story competition,and it’s written and done! Just needs to be chopped and marinated a bit more. But I am pleased and at the moment my aim is to write at least an hour a day which I am keeping to. I would like to start reading a bit more too! My oh my, if only I had more time…


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