My New Friend

Thanks to my kindly father, I can breathe through my fingers tips again! He has lent me his swanky laptop which has a working battery (yay!) and more importantly types without freezing (whoo!).

Alfred, the sweet bastard of a laptop is zipped up and entombed in his laptop bag. Fare-de-well Alfred! During Alfred’s decline my commitment to writing severally deteriorated.

This clearly showed my reliance on technology and how if I couldn’t type, I didn’t really seem the point in getting ideas out there. It seemed too hard to go back to the pen, the old ink pot, you have to appreciate the classic writers – how on earth did they write hundreds of pages with only a mere fancy feather quill and no spell-check or word count or friendly paper-clip that asks if you need assistance?

They had it rough but with Alfred on the death bed but I just couldn’t find the motivation to grasp a pen long enough then murmur a few sentences. Don’t get me wrong, I carry a little black notebook around with me, just in case I get a literary epiphany (has yet to happen) but it’s not for serious stuff, the editing and poring over words and finally, the submitting.

Words seem more real on a computer screen, I can breathe through my fingertips- but with a pen? It’s a bit of a stumble. So let this blog be a toast to embracing new keyboards where the letter “b” happily submits, brilliantly and beautifully.


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