Saving Francesca Extract

 I know I should probably post something more than just about books and reviews. There’s too much about stinky-old books on blogs, not enough about the in-depth and fascinating life of devon and chicken loaf. (Does it decay? Does it get mouldy? This is something Mythbusters should investigate!)

At the moment favourite parts of books and special paragraphs are coming up a lot when I’m, er,  procrastinating researching online. Reading is researching, it is essential to every wannabe writer. Yeah, I’m a wannabe baby. Deal with it.

Last year at Albury’s “Write Around the Murray” festival I saw Melina Marchetta do a special talk on her new book, ” The Piper’s Son.” The warmth and life that she expresses through her characters is something that she herself has. She is such a lovely lady! Which is really refreshing when some other idols (mostly muso’s) I have met in the past turn out to be knob-heads. Red wine, tooth stained, sweaty knob heads. Ahem, but that’s my beef. Or turkey..


“Memory is a funny thing. It tricks you into believing that you’ve forgotten important moments, and then when you’re raking your brain for a bit of information that might make sense of something else, it taps you on the head and says, “Remember when you told me to put that memory in the green rubbish bin? Well, I didn’t, I put it in the black recycling tub, and it’s coming your way again.”

Saving Francesca, Melina Marchetta

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