On Facebook we’re all a little bit narcissistic

When it comes to niches I don’t want my blog to snuggle nicely in the breasts of literary bloggery. I’m not good enough for that, I often confuse the words ‘literary’ and ‘literacy’ and I just struggled with a semester of Literary theory. Despite passing the course I still have no idea what the class was actually about.

Winging it, waffle style paid off – especially when I had to do a speech on Walter Benjamin who I had no idea what he actually did in the literary world. Wikipedia saved me a little, but even Lit theory is bedlam on that site.

So it’s a pickle, a so-called literary blog about writing and books and shit. Real literary peeps would never say “shit” or “peeps.” But I am not trying to fit into that category, and this is a reminder of that. I wonder what I should write about now that I know I’m not stuck in a niche. I can’t write about the Bold and the Beautiful of family and friends because I respect them (and my name is stuck to all my words).

Plus I’m not living in a soapie, I do not get invited to lustrous charity balls, nor do my friends have perfectly bouncy hair and white wolfish teeth. And, that for you dear reader would be quite boring. Why read about normality? And my job? Well at the moment that consists of beep, beep, beep, beep. Have a nice day now.. Yeah.

Moving on, a few weeks back I watched Insight on SBS’s discussion on narcissism.  Some experts on Insight suggested that Facebook usage can be a slight form of narcissism, all the obsessiveness over “me – me – me” and changing profile pictures is not good – it’s  moudling selfish and apathetic kids.

Some of the experts are a little doom and gloom, the ol’ “Our children are becoming psycho axe-murderers with no care for a kitten or puppy!” Facebook is the hub of negativity and fear at the moment, poor blue and white guy.

Essentially a Facebook profile is like a resume of one’s life. Yes I am aware of what I am saying and yes I generally try to choose a flattering profile picture. Does this make me narcissistic from too much profile picture gazing? “Oh profile picture on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

I think one needs to be aware of what they are saying and to whom on Facebook, but I don’t think this makes one narcissistic. Of course there are the few who constantly update about how awesome they are for cyber comfort. An example:


I just bought $500 worth of new makeup! Not that I need it, but can’t wait to try my new fake eyelashes out. Will upload Fb photo!

Teenage girls will flaunt and flirt wherever they go and Facebook is just another place for them to look hwat or whateva. Maybe they will grow out of it or maybe they will become sadist kitten haters, drowning it the reflection of their profile pictures. What do you think?


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One response to “On Facebook we’re all a little bit narcissistic

  1. Elliott Bakker


    I believe Facebook is a narcissist tool, as we are “promoting” ourselves in the best possible light possible. The “excitement” we have after every notification received proves it. Someone has liked or commented on one of our status update or photos.

    But Facebook has not created this narcissism, simply created a platform for its expression.

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