Thinking about TED

If want to be inspired and shake your mind-juices up a bit I suggest you take a look at TED. It’s a site dedicated to talks, talks from superhumans – modern leaders sharing their wisdom, ideas on culture, society, technology, politics and everything else significant. I first came across TED through Mia Freedman’s website, MamaMia in which she confessed her love for this TED talk with Eat Pray Lover Elizabeth Gilbert.

I have not read Eat, Pray, Love and don’t really plan on but this talk with the writer was so profound and encouraging that as a wannabe writer I had respect for her. And brought some of her ideas to the table, nestled closely between the salt and pepper (thats a lie, I don’t put salt on my food), that is to chase your ideas and hunt them down. After watching this first TED talk I felt highly of TED, I was learning and listening from someone who had been there and done that.

I just found the TED podcasts and have listened to a few of them, which make a nice mix on my iPod to my recent collection of Sound of Music sing-a-longs. Yes, I have no shame. The two that I listened to have been lingering on my mind and have decided to discuss briefly with you because they are quite wise like yoda.

Julian Treasure : 5 ways to listen better.

To be honest, I can’t remember all of the five ways. Which means, I’m a bad listener and my fluffy maltense dog was distracting me. I still really liked this podcast because it made me requestion my ears. How do I listen? What do I hear? When going into the city my mind is a mess of noises that it is difficult to listen properly or at all. Julian asks us to appreciate sounds, even the dull drooning of a tumbledrier, or the grinding of the coffee machine. Appreciate the sounds and become more aware of what is happening in your present daily life rather than living in your cocoon head. Julian also recommends having at least five minutes a day away from sound in a quiet spot to resest your ears. Also, when having a conversation with someone make sure you are making noises like “hmm” and “yeh” so they know you are listening.

Matt Cutts: Try Something new for 30 days.

Often we have extreme ideas in the society we live in. We want change to happen quick, often we are not willing to work for it. I really enjoyed this really short talk of Matt Cutt’s because it summed up some of my own ideas and thoughts, “if you really want to do it, why don’t you try it for thirty days?” It is important to start off really small, Matt took a photograph every day and rode his bike to work. Eventually he gained more confidence in himself and started making bigger challenges. He wrote 1600 words a day so that by the end of the month he had a novel, “It’s the shittest book ever but I can still call myself a novelist.” Matt is brave and I admire him because he keeps trying and keeps to his plan. This talk has inspired me to do meditation every day for at least 10 minutes, day four in and so far so good.

So I hope you look into TED and get something out of it as well.


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