Goodbye 2011

I haven’t really said goodbye to 2011 yet. Even as the fireworks crackled and spat in the sky and I received my midnight kiss (lucky, oh lucky me) I hadn’t reflected or said goodbye to a year that was so many things. In terms of writing and reading I did a lot more than I had ever done – and whats the things that teachers say? Oh yeah, I really applied myself. And it felt good.

I contributed to many online publications and a few prints ones – that got accepted, articles mostly but two poems. I submitted to six short story competitions in which four of I received a place and a prize. I used to be too scared to submit but now I know that trying is the best prize one can get. God, I know that sounds lame but it’s true. I did a fantastic internship for Buzzcuts in which I got to write for the Melbourne Fringe Festival, that were two of the best weeks of the year writing for them. My mother’s words are always reminding me “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins.” What a wise cookie.

Do I have a favourite book for 2011? There were so many good ones and I throughly enjoyed reading in 2011 – although to be honest I did skip a few gothic literature ones that didn’t seem necessary. The Book Thief by Marcus Zusak is the most beautifully written books I read that I haven’t stopped thinking about. The most addictive books would be the Hunger Games series. 31 books eh? Not a bad effort. I’ll see if I can improve on that in 2012. World Domination!

I’m not really into new years resolutions because I make them every week. If I did have a resolution it would be to keep doing what I’m doing. Keep reading, writing and exercising every day. Exercise and writing keeps me sane. But yeah,  keep on truckin’ baby.


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