Gettin’ philosophical with Alain De Botton

I haven’t written for awhile. Well, it feels like yonks and in the modern world of blog-writing I may as well be a smelly decomposing corpse of a writer. No, i’m still here as whiffy (in an alive way) as ever due to the Australian heat and the fact deodorants seem to do NOTHING. Yeah what’s with that? Are my sweat glands just too large? Is there a scientific explanation for my odoursome pits? Will I forever suffer from a stinky life?

I may ask Alain De Botton about it.

Now moving on to slightly excited and nerdy tone – ALAIN DE BOTTON – is coming to Melbourne – and I’ve acquired a ticket! It was not that long ago that I got to see Neil Gaiman and oh man this is how much I love the Wheeler Centre getting another amazing author to Melbourne-town. I can’t wait to get philosophical with the B-man. Philosophy has to be one of the least selfish forms of writing and studying because it requires you to think outside your mind. That’s why I love it, but mostly I love writers who simplify it and condense it so the average-stinky-dink uni bum can understand it. Cheers Alain!



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2 responses to “Gettin’ philosophical with Alain De Botton

  1. J.L. Shenstone

    Hilarious! And awesome, that De Botton is a bit of a champ.

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