The problem with internet shopping: Fishpond

I love(d) internet shopping. Especially around Christmas time where things get a bit hectic. Nothing beats the comfort of your own home and the guarantee that your Christmas goods will be delivered to your door within 2 – 3 weeks. And I would tell anyone who listened to come over to the dark side, unzip those wallets and get your plastic card outs. Which is very unaustralian of me I know – not supporting the local retail economy and all that.

Especially bad is my love of Fishpond – the online book giant. If Borders was the shiny capitalist leader in the gold suit then what is Fishpond? The philosophy of Fishpond is to buy books from overseas – such as the UK and get them mailed to you for free. Books in the UK do not have a heavy book tax like Australian books do and so you can usually get the books for half the price. So same book, cheaper price. Win for Shannon?

Well mostly a win for Shannon.

I hadn’t had any problems with Fishpond before until Christmas time came round.  I ordered a few books in early November and one of these books apparently got “lost in the mail.” This book was a Christmas present for my sister and has only just arrived  TWO MONTHS LATER after sending a many angry emails to Fishpond and not really understanding what was going on. Belated Merry Christmas sis. Well, I guess you do get what you pay for. Perhaps it was my karma for not supporting an independent bookstore which I’m all totally for just like the outrage $2 milk affair but umm, I don’t have any money..

Fishpond is a very faceless company – just like most internet shopping sites which keeps their prices very low. I love giving books to people as gifts but it’s not always reliable when there’s a fish in control.

What do you think?


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