Thoughts on Hugo – the film not just some random dude

On the weekend I went and saw Scorsee’s children film Hugo. I didn’t see it in 3D which may have been the reason it did not punch me in the face with “wow, awesome.” Apparently James Cameron said it beats Avatar on the 3D scale. But you know whats even better than Avatar in 3D? Human life!

If you have not seen Hugo don’t worry I’m not going to ruin it and this isn’t some review on it either. Just some thoughts, you know, sometimes I do that. To make it even easier for you and me I’m going to break it into smaller easy-to-eat chunks.

1) Hugo is a cinema-buff’s wet dream because it’s like a mini history lesson on the orgin of film. Or the aspect of the Lumiere brothers and George Menievres. If like me you have done a uni subject on cinema it make you go “ooh i know who that is!” and do a little jiggle in your chair. It’s like Midnight in Paris for literature snobs. It really makes you feel like your university studies are paying off when you “get stuff.” I felt so superior to all the little kids in the cinema. Little facts about early cinema also come in handy in pub trivia.

2)  Why is Hugo marketed as a kid’s film? I get that it’s based on the kid’s book but the film is dark and does not contain any talking animal characters. It is not funny and is creepy with a machinal human thing. I can only guess that kids were interested by the adventure? I’m not sure.

3) What is the actor who plays Hugo’s natural hair colour? His eyebrows didn’t match his hair and it made me think it was a dye job.

4) Yes it’s set in Paris but they aren’t speaking french or even with french accents. But there was a beret and a croissant so I guess that makes it better.


I quite enjoyed the film I just wonder what other people think of it? Especially regarding Hugo’s eyebrow colour? Oh yes, I’m being very high brow today…


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  1. strangenewfriend

    Well I saw it in 3D and I thought it was positively magical. If I were a kid, that’s probably why I would want to see it. Because it looked like it was snowing on the whole audience, and a little boy lived inside a huge clock, and the mechanics of a clock can build an automaton which can actually draw an entire picture! and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen an automaton on Antiques Roadshow one time (mum’s choice, not mine!) and when they’re wearing clothes and faces etc, they are the most beautiful toys!
    Also, if you’ve ever seen the episode of Doctor Who where he snogs madame de pompadour, you’ll know how clocks can be scary:
    then again, on the other hand:

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