Why The Lifted Brow is awesome

When it comes to literary magazines and journals to be honest i’m not that thrilled. Some of the stuff is as dry as an unmoisturised nose. I can appreciate the writing and enjoy some of it but it just doesn’t rock my socks. Perhaps because it’s very edited, refined, perfectly proper English. The Grammar Police shouts loudly from every page and makes me run away.

But there’s theres magazines like The Lifted Brow which just make me so gleefully happy. It’s a Melbourne based lit mag that is intelligent, funny, freakin’ weird, amazing, sad, in-depth, creative. It was the first time I’d read non-fiction pieces that I loved and shoved into the hands of my sister and father saying “you must read this” (Issue 8 ). It was like the 7.30 report without the dull reporter, with imagery so realistic, hooked me in to keep reading and reading. And that’s good writers do, they sneak up on you and before you know it you’ve missed your train because you forget where you are. The Lifted Brow is broken up with big slabs of crazy art, fiction pieces and other random things to get you thinking. Although I like reading short stories I am not up with contemporary short story writers so The Lifted Brow is great in reading different styles from writers I had never heard of. It is not afraid to push the boundaries of writing and questions literary snobbery.

I’ve got a little bit of extra money in my piggy bank (not just buttons!) and finally have gotten around to buying two issues of The Lifted Brow. I’ve fallen so behind but its the type of magazine that you don’t desperately need right away like a fashion mag or to know the current news. I’m excited!

Just thought I would share that with you all.



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8 responses to “Why The Lifted Brow is awesome

  1. Subscriptions are a really worthy thing to save up for…

    • freedomtights

      For the last two years I’ve had the Age subscription but I found that I wasn’t actually appreciating reading the weekend bits properly and seeing as the price has gone up heaps this year I’ve decided that I didn’t want a subscription so would just pay when I wanted to read it. That way I really DO read the paper.
      I also have a Frankie subscription thanks to my lovely sister. But oversubscribing can be bad too because the you don’t always savour the text or treat it really special. What do you subscribe to Sam?

      • I have subscriptions to Kill Your Darlings and Voiceworks, and The Victorian Writer, which comes with Writers Australia membership. There’s heaps more I want though!

      • freedomtights

        Also, I’d like to get involved with Voiceworks more. I think it’s a really good initative and have loved pieces in there in the past. But I’m not that big on the poetry and probably prefer non-fiction pieces to fiction. I want to help do the proof reading because I think that would be helpful. Have you done that? Its hard to keep up with everything going on in the Melbourne literary scene though haha.

      • I haven’t had much to do with the behind-the-scenes stuff for Voiceworks, but they’re all really approachable people. I’d recommend talking to Raf about it, see if he can hook you up.

      • freedomtights

        Yeah I’ve already talked to Rafael. He’s going to let me know.

  2. strangenewfriend

    THink I’ll be checking out the lifted brow now. I too struggle with the too-clean writing of todays “literary” world.
    Tom Cho talks about more intricate writing, rather than the modern sparsity. I think intricacy should make a comeback!

    • freedomtights

      I know the feeling. There’s so much I want to read, buy, so little time. I would just love to spend a whole day reading very soon, maybe over Easter… The Lifted Brow came in the mail today!! YAY! I will seriously consider a subscription for the year though, its only $40.

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