The Pun Review: Random Musical

Another review for The Pun I’ve been doing for the Melbourne International Comedy festival. Edited by the wonderful pun team. Seriously I love editors and their awesome skillz.

“Bottom! Starfish! Aqua! Storm Trooper! Caterpillar!”

Four comedians sing to a crowd made up of four to seven year olds. The song is composed of  words the kids wrote on coloured paper and presented to a man with a top hat at the beginning of the show. This is audience interaction taken up a notch, as the children’s words make up not just the songs, but the plot as well.

Held at the Famous Spiegeltent, with stripy material stretched overhead, it feels like an antique French circus. It’s the perfect location for an old-time musical and certainly has the atmosphere down pat: no whiz-bang sound effects or costume changes here;  just a lone piano, a few props, a narrator and four enthusiastic comedians.

The spontaneous musical for the day is “The Duke and The Miraculous Disco”. The narrator leads the comedians through an interesting storyline featuring an evil Duke, a gingerbread girl and a town disco. It seems to flow quite effortlessly; the comedians don’t hesitate when singing solo performances. There are a few moments when a comedian nudges the other along, but this is done in a very humorous way:

“You sound like you have a lot of internal issues that need to be expressed in song.”

Not a bad segue when it’s created in the spur of the moment.

There are plenty of cultural references to make the kids and adults laugh (Justin Bieber is put in a stewing pot by the evil stepmother and the audience have to sing his sound effect, “baby, baby, oooh”.) A girl’s toy bunny rabbit has a major part in the musical as “the hot cross bunny” which ends up saving the day with his canon-ball head. Amazingly, all this comes together as a pretty decent and entertaining plot.

If you’re after something like Thank God You’re Here in musical form, then Random Musical is worth taking your kids to.


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