Building up writing muscles. Yeah, I work out.

After Monday’s writing angsty post I decided to stop moaning and just get on with it. I think something we often forget with writing is that we have to work on it, it’s not instant genius. In fact most of it is just shit which you can edit later.

Living with a fellow writer has its perks. I can steal Ebonie’s books. She has an e-reader (kobo as well) and I can also steal her ebooks. We can have rants about literary snobs and Plato’s homoerotic love. I can ask her what the two dot thing is called : when my mind blanks.

“a colon.”

We have decided to take advantage of the fact that we live together and complain about not writing enough. What we need is a good kick up the bum. So every few days we are going to do writing exercises using prompts and such. The other night we switched off the telly and forced ourselves to do twenty minutes writing with the prompt “what motivates your character?”

Just writing whatever. Just slog through the twenty minutes. It was fantastic and not too painful. It is a good way to keep a strong connection with your characters and build up your stories. Inspiration is such a fiddly thing, some people can’t write until they are inspired and sit waiting for that thing to tap them on the shoulder and say “ok let’s do some writing now.” But writing is work, its part inspiration, part grinding your teeth and seeing what happens.

So far so good, starting to flex those writing muscles. Do you have anything that motivates/tricks that make you write?



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2 responses to “Building up writing muscles. Yeah, I work out.

  1. Must be lovely to have a writing ‘buddy’! Best motivation ever.

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