Creativity in a nutshell

Today in class there was a talk on creativity. Creativity is often brought up at author talks, there’s guaranteed to be one nasly audience member who asks:

“Um, where do you, like get your ideas from?”

My class-mate Sven talked about his belief that creativity should not forced. He is not the squeezing it til it bleeds type of man but he waits for it to come to him, ususally at night while smoking a cigarette. We discussed and debated over this method which Sven believes is “writing for the heart rather than for the mind.” It is agreed that this is not realistic if you want to be a novelist/writer and earn money. One must be disciplined to get things done, you cannot believe that magical jolts of inspiration is enough to get you by, to finish your story. But it is nice to think of writing for its artistic value rather than something you force your grey matter to churn out.

Interestingly, I have been reading “Imagine: The science of creativity” by Jonah Lehrer which is all about ideas and different ways to enchance one’s creativity. The book is quite science based so, I, uh and probably not going to finish it but I did learn some things from the first 50 pages, such as:

– Blue aids inspiration/creativity because it has a calming effect.

-Red aids editing/proof-reading because it naturally puts the body in a state of alertness.

-Day-dreaming is where most people get their ideas, but they must be concious of their day-dreams and be able to reel them back in when fully conscious.

-Taking walks/exercise also allows the body to relax and new ideas to form.

-If you are stuck on a task/story often doing something different for a short amount of time will help you approach the work differently.

I am a big believer in the shitty first draft. Get it out and then edit it baby!


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