The Write Stuff Thursdays

NEW NEW NEW! The Write Stuff Thursdays, where I bring you a mash of writerly articles from around the world wide webbed-feet. Since becoming addicted to twitter I have realised that there is a whole lotta literary stuff out there. The Write Stuff Thursdays is an attempt to shoot the flying beautiful things down and stuff them on a lounge fire-place mantle. But not in a sick, sadist matter. Just for love and to share on this lovely Thursday.

Before I share a few of my week’s favourite blog posts and articles I’d like to get one thing off my chest. These writerly bits are things I have stumbled across and find interesting.  I have probably retweeted them on twitter, like a vampiric leech. I am not a journalist sleeping with one eye open looking for a big scoop. I do not vouch to be on the ball, but merely watching balls rolling by. It’s a flippin’ circus out there.

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do by Colin Nissan : Short guide to writing that one needs to blue-tack on their wall/back of loo to re-read. I love guides that get to the point.

Summer and Antipsychotics in the City by Elmo Keep: This is a long but worthwhile piece about being temporially insane due to lack of sleep.  I defied my short neural pathways and read the whole thing!

Blurred Impressions by Callie Doyle-Scott: This is a friend of mine’s amazing personal piece on being transgender. He is currently doing working with Nigel Featherstone on creating an anthology called “Out of Limbo.” They are currently looking for coming out stories gay, bi, transgender. You can submit here.

The Write Skills by S.A Jones: This article made my morning. A great pick me up for arts students who constantly get asked “what job are you going to get out of THAT?”

This is how much a vagina costs: How to win a feminist argument hands-down. The cost, oh the cost!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!


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