EWF: The Pitch Super Session. Panel 1: Student Publications

Attending literary events are like going to church. And I don’t mean that in a yawn, yawn, guilt-trip way but in the positive FREE cake the old ladies make way. It’s delicious. At the pitch super session there was the community-like atmosphere where everyone perched on the plastic seats were all connected.  The power and passion for writing.  We were  gathered to listen to  two hours of listening to two panels on how to pitch/write/succeed/make mum proud.

Starting with Panel 1, hosted by Emmyrose Hobbs on Student run publications.

I think it is important I dedicate some spriuking these journals, mostly because I’m a uni student myself and bias, but also because I think people will gain more confidence and be nurtured a little bit more as a writer when submitting – especially if they are just starting out.

Student publications rely completely on unsolicited writing (pieces which are sent in) as the editors are also volunteering their time and energy into these projects. It is easier to get accepted as they are accepting more pieces and it is not as competitive as popular literary journals.

Yet, editors from literary journals do look out for these student journals, they are well-written and have a good reputation for being the place for new awesome writers. Editors also put a lot of their time to help workshop pieces with the writer, which helps you create the best piece you can have. I have had a fantastic experience with student publications.

Most of these journals accept all creative works of fiction, poetry, non-fiction and more. Below are some of their tips for pitching. Check out their websites for more info goodness.

Farrago – magazine of Melbourne Uni, nine editions each year plus a creative anthology. All content is written, designed, edited and illustrated by students. It is a great opportunity for young writers. Submissions are now closed for this year’s anthology. Contact them for mag submissions: farrago@union.unimelb.edu.au

Verandah– Deakin Uni literary and art journal baby. Published once a year with 40 plus items each year. Submission are open each year from Feb 1 to June 1st.

Verge: Annual creative writing anthology, product of Monash. There are prizes for the best short stories and poetry selected by the ed team. This year’s theme is ‘inverse’, submissions are now closed. Watch out for Verge at the Melbourne Writer’s Festival for their launch party.

Offset: Victoria Uni’s annual arty creative journal is STILL OPEN FOR BUSINESS!  They release their journal in book form and multi-media on CD/DVD. Get your goods in by the 22nd June. Contact: offset.submissions@students.vu.edu.au

Visable Ink: One-off RMIT student journal with all the good stuff. Currently want you, yes you, you pretty thing, to write for them. Submissions close 22nd June. Whoo!

South Paw: New and shiny  yearly journal about writing from the global south. There will a call out (or yodel) for submission later this year for issue number 2. So watch that spot.

And THAT my friend was the first panel. Phew! Hang tight for Panel 2.


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