National Young Writers’ Month 2012

Someone (probably Oscar Wilde) said that having a messy room is a sign of creative productivity. I wish I could use that excuse when my dear mother visits next.

‘Yeah it’s a pigsty Mum but look how much writing I’ve gotten done!’ Grin widely.

Now that the EWF’s craziness and awesomeness is over it’s time to get down to doing serious stuff. Like cleaning my room. Or, getting onboard the National Young Writers’ Month bus! If you’re under 25 you can be a part of what I call the Super Facebook group because it’s full of super passionate writers. Last year the Super Group helped me decide on a title for a short story. Writing the short story was a goal for NYWM, which I ended up submitting and coming runner-up for the Country to Coast competition.

Kicking goals, that’s what NYWM is about. I will be taking continuous swigs from the inspiration juice I have acquired from EWF in the hope to:

  • Continue on my novel. I would like to push myself to write more of it. See where it goes. I don’t want to write full-time on it, but maybe 1500 words a few times a week.
  • I want to submit to the student run publications, Visible Ink and Offset.
  • Do some more non-fiction pitching. Twiddle thumbs, see what happens.
  • Write more short stories.Edit. Submit somewhere.
  • Keep blag-blogging. Really enjoying it at the moment.
  • Clean room (maybe)

Do you have any goals for the month?


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