The Write Stuff Thursdays

Hey internet-sters. Hows your week been?  Apart from scrapping stinky year old bread dough from the floor cracks at work I went to an awesome Going Down Swinging warehouse party, EWF’s pitch, slept, nearly fell asleep watching Essendon VS Melbourne, wrote an essay about writing essays (thrilling) and lived online – which includes the exciting new Monday blog series project, “The book that..”


This is stuff I liked this week:

Can’t Breathe by Alex Neill: A well-written personal piece about having asthma. I’m not an asthma suffering so I have never thought about how horrible the condition would be until I read this piece.

Coming Out as a Vegan by Ebonie Hyland:  An honest article about admitting to your family that you’re a vegan. Ebonie answers those awful vegan questions in a thoughtful and realistic way.

Shy Young Thing by Sian Prior:  An excellent long essay about having social anxiety. Sian is a lecturer at RMIT and I was amazed when she read an extract of this piece and admitted to being shy. I could not believe this confident woman talking could be the same woman who ran away from a party.

How silence works: Emailed Conversation with Four Trappist monks by Jeremy Mesiano- Crookstone: whoah! Great article about being a silent monk in the modern day world. Check out their daily routine, pretty similar to mine (hah!)


Well that’s it for me. Feel free to share your favourite articles/links below! Please do!


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