The Write Stuff Thursdays

Hey good-looking. You’re looking nice today. I really like what you’re done with your eyebrows. Hows your week been? I went to Warrnambool and didn’t see any whales, I got flogged at mini-golf, danced like it was 1950 to gangster music, sent off a few bits of writing here and there, cleaned the kitchen floor, cooked – yes i am a great domesticated girl aren’t I? And of course, I spent too long online.

The Inquest into Azaria Chamberlain – The official and final inquest into this ongoing court-case resolved that Azaria did get killed by a dingo in 1980. Although an offical report, the evidence is quite chilling. This has been huge in the Australian news this week. Another worthwhile article to read is Wendy Harmer’s apology to Lindsy Chamberlain, for using her tradgey as comedy material.

Is it OK to read Enid Blyton? by Elizabeth Flux –  an article about whether or not we should (or can) embrace Blyton for all her sexist and racist ways.  A lovely nostalgic article which made me think about the 50+ Blyton books I’ve got.

What they do to food by Melissa Ffye and Royce Miller – Did you know that the apples we buy from the supermarket are actually about a year old? Farmers Markets are becoming more popular for the traditional taste of fresh produce.  The article is an insight into how we have compromised quality for convineance.

The Alot is better at you at everything – It was pointed out to me recently that I had not met alot (evident through my due  my bad grammar skills) Now we have met and I like alot very much.

Our cities among world’s most costly – I found this article interesting, living in Melbourne is more expensive than living in London. What do you reckon?



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7 responses to “The Write Stuff Thursdays

  1. Aw shucks, thanks! I combed them actually (my eyebrows). They’re big and bushy and like to try to break out and prowl my entire face if I let them. :)

    You’re looking pretty darn good yourself! You seem all fresh and quick-witted. Lovely to read! Thanks for this great round up.

    I’m very sorry you didn’t see any whales.

    You made me chuckle with the “Alot” link :) Thank you!

    • Shannon McKeogh

      Bushy eyebrows are underrated and should be embraced.

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Thats OK, its a rarity to see whales. It was still beautiful and beachy.
      Alot has taught me a valuable lesson hehe!

    • Shannon McKeogh

      Also I listened to your song on your website, very nice! Nice morning music :) You have a great name for a musician. I have a friend who’s a little bit like you, mellow, folky, Melbourne-based. If you want to check her out her tumblr is :

  2. I didn’t spot the sexist/racist stuff until I read about it as a grown up. Do kids even get that stuff? I loved Enid Blyton, growing up. I am probably going to make my kids/nieces/nephews read her stuff too. Without qualms.

    • Shannon McKeogh

      I agree. I don’t remember anything racist or sexist about it and will happily read it my future kids.

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