The Write Stuff Thursdays

Hullo! How’s your week been? Bit chilly aye? Nice spot of rain though. Are you still in your pyjamas? Ahh, was just hoping you were like me.. The news this week has been huge! Ryan Gosling rumoured to be in Melbourne. Talk about the earth moving! Oh yeah, there was that little earthquake, best one in 109 years and I didn’t feel anything. Very disappointing. I also went back to my home-town, wrote some stuff, avoided Lara Bingle’s show… Yeah really my week’s a blur.

Here’s some awesome reading stuff:

Some advice on Supermarket Etiquette by Danielle Scoins: Like many of us, Danielle gets angry about the way people act like peanuts in the supermarket. Is it something about those fluorescent lights? The overwhelming amount of choice? As I am still fuming about this redneck who pushed in at the self-serve checkout the other day (JUST because you SMELL does not give you more service rights!) everyone needs to just calm down and take Danielle’s advice.

Awesome mushroom cloud dominates skyline over Bejjing and sparks fresh ‘end of the world’ fears by Tom Goodenough: I think the title pretty much sums up the brilliant photos. Plus I just realise the journalist’s surname is Goodenough, such a great name.

Honesty and Online Dating by Clem Bastow:   Clem is one of those authentic writers you think of as one of your friends. In this article she talks about her online dating experiences and whether honesty improved the experience. She even shared her RSVP profile which includes confessions like “I currently live in my mother’s laundry” and “I’ve had my learner’s permit for 11 years.”  Very funny.

Why Smart People are Stupid by Jonah Lehrer  : A New Yorker article about how smart people can overlook simple problems. Test yourself on whether you fall into the ‘stupid as a stupid does’ category. Pretty interesting, didn’t make me feel any smarter though.


And because I think we all need some Ryan Gosling loving…



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