The Write Stuff Thursdays

Hey chickas another week already hey! Has lots been happening in your life? I’ve had the sickly sniffle snuffles and have been hiding out eating my Mum’s great cooking – lamb shank stew, sooo good! I haven’t been writing much. I’ve barely managed a few chapters of Tim Winston’s Dirt Music. I can pretty much only remember the last few days through the food I’ve eaten. Oh but I went to the airport to pick up my sis from her Europe trip. If you want love for humanity, gosh the airport is full of reunions and embraces and *sniff* it’s beautiful!

Due to my sickness I have a little less exciting stuff to share this week.

Don’t you dare ask me why I’m mad by Kara Brown:  I think this article can only be understood by woman. I find it pretty funny because I had a conversation with my house-mate not that long ago about how guys ask dumb questions like “are you mad? You look mad.” And Kara says in the article, my facial expression has nothing to do with you!

Hum Drum Plum by Lizzyish: This girl is funny. I don’t know her but I wish I did. She did a bit of a challenge a while back about taking up a new activity each week and wrote about it. It’s pretty entertaining and ya know authentic.

If you can read this, you are lucky by Ebonie Hyland:  Last week I went to Melbourne Conversations led by Alice Pung about the different ways people read, with guests talking about their own disibilties and learning difficulties. Ebonie wrote a lovely article about the event and how we often take things like reading for granted.



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  1. Lizzyish

    Thanks for the shout out, we should be internet friends :)

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