June was.. National Young Writers’ Month

Well sadly June’s up, which means the end of the fab National Young Writer’s Month.

How did you go? I think I went alright. I’m pretty darn happy with what I have accomplished. In green (because green means yes and go!) are the goals I achieved, blue font are those I did not complete (because hell I’m not superwoman) but I will continue to work on.

  • Continue on my novel. I would like to push myself to write more of it. See where it goes. I don’t want to write full-time on it, but maybe 1500 words a few times a week.  – After editing the crap out of my novel for assessment I still haven’t been able to face it. I have been really digging short story writing though.
  • I want to submit to the student run publications, Visible Ink and Offset. – Done!
  • Do some more non-fiction pitching. Twiddle thumbs, see what happens. – Pitched to The Big Issue and recently received confirmation: I’m getting published!
  • Write more short stories.Edit. Submit somewhere. – Wrote two short stories, submitted to Visible Ink and rural short story comp.
  • Keep blag-blogging. Really enjoying it at the moment. – Still happening. The book that… blog series also still running!
  • Clean room (maybe) – done but needs re-doing.

Did you learn anything about yourself during June? What about your writing habits? I learnt that I need a keyboard pad thingy to prevent getting RSI, that I really enjoy not blogging about self-indulgent pieces about writing and that there’s some really lovely people in the blog world. I also found that the best part of writing is probably during the first draft when it comes out all messy without the self-conscious editing brain nit-picking at it. I also learnt that I need to take breaks from writing, its exhausting!


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