A Practical Guide on How to Deal with Feeling Disheartened

Disheartened: a weird sort of dishwasher grey feeling that last for a few days. Thoughts of ‘what am I doing with my life?’ are common also coupled with a loss of motivation to complete your Jane Fonda exercise tape.

You’re generally feeling a bit stumped like this emoticon 0_0

At some time in your life you will feel disheartened. It’s part of the human condition. It might be for the following reasons: 1) having few pennies to shake in your bank account 2) you can’t get your hair in that cool flippy thing.

3) you’re studying a degree which can be a little frustrating – this frustration is strengthened by reading stuff like this. Or it could be there’s no milk left in the fridge and you can’t even blame your housemate because they’re a vegan…  Something has taken that spring out of your step and it has made you reflect on your sad sack life.

But do not despair! You can deal with it and here’s a guide to help:

A Practical Guide on How to Deal with Feeling Disheartened

1)  Someone wise, probably that self-help guru Russ Harris said that emotions are like the weather, constantly changing. So see this disheartened moment as like a downpour of bird shit cascading on you with no umbrella to protect yourself. Don’t worry it too will pass.

2) Write down a list of all the stuff you have in your life to be thankful of such as: nice pair of socks, family and friends, at least two chocolate biscuits, a pot of parsley and so on..

Your list will vary. This activity will distract you for a good five minutes and may even give you a warm fuzzy feeling. Oh chocolate biscuits I love you!

3) Inevitably strongly feeling disheartened will bombard you with annoying ranty thoughts like ‘OMG I SUCK! WHY CAN’T I BE PERFECT AND DO PERFECTLY PERFECT THINGS?’

Yes, in a valley girl voice. Go all A.C.T (acceptance commitment therapy) on that blonde bimbo voice and disconnect yourself from them. Recognise that the chick is not you but just some brain neuron function.

Talk to them, but don’t bother to argue with them because they’re not like Kant, they are far from rational.

4) Watch puppy videos. Puppies do not judge, they just are.

5) Did I mention chocolate? Chocolate helps.

6) Remember that everyone feels this way. Even Mary Poppins has moments of doubt where she felt down in the dumps. And she’s a supernanny! Do a google search and you’ll know you’re not alone.

Postsecret is a huge community of sad potatos. If you feel up to it ring up your Mum and rant to them about it and try and get some support (be warned, you may be stuck on the phone for hours when your Mum tells you about every single thing that’s been happening in her life).

7) Eat a piece of fruit. You may as well try and prevent getting scurvy.

8) Watch a really sad movie (Beaches, The Notebook, Schindler’s List) and concentrate all your energy into feeling sad for the people in the movie. Also appreciate that you’re not the people in the film, be thankful for that. Make sure you sing along to the track ‘Wind beneath my wings,’ its gold.

Ultimately you’ve got to wait the bird shit storm out. But remember you’re not alone. And just because you feel disheartened with the world doesn’t mean you can’t be doing cool stuff like writing that novel or teaching your sea monkeys some tricks.



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3 responses to “A Practical Guide on How to Deal with Feeling Disheartened

  1. Amy

    This made me smile. Thank u

    • Shannon McKeogh

      Thanks for finding this Amy! Oh it’s from so long ago and it’s good advice for how I’m feeling right now too :)

  2. This is so beautiful <3 gave me warm fuzzy feelings… and an intense craving for chocolate :p Thank you!!

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