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Another week already? Seriously, we’re up to the 5th of July of already. If I plan on using internet shopping again for Christmas I should probably start ordering now. How was your week? I went wedding dress shopping with my sister, sigh, she’s growing up! I’ve been pitching and brainstorming marketing ideas for a new business. I’ve been building forts and watching DVDs in a very cold Melbourne. The 1st July was the first day the carbon tax was implemented, I just read a very funny and somewhat kick in the bum of ‘get over yourself and stop crying about your gas bill’ article which is in this week’s write stuff Thursdays.


Shut your goddamn carbon-tax mouth by Geoff Lemon : This was written a little while ago but is still relevant to the carbon tax debate. Geoff makes some really great points about our standard of living that we take for granted and gives a bit of a run around of media acting berserko. It is a left wing argument, but is not one is heard very often in mainstream media. Funny and has rude words.

We’re not here for your inspiration by Stella Young: An interesting article about how people with disabilities are often used for what Stella calls ‘inspiration porn’ or help inspire everyday people. Worth a read to challenge your ideas about disabilities and why we think they are inspiring when to themselves they are just normal.

Obituary of Count Robert de la Rochefouchad:  This guy was amazing! He once dressed up as a nun to escape execution. Robert was like James Bond but cooler and not a fictional character.


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