What’s going on with you?

WordPress ate my post yesterday. Yes, that is why a blank post is there. Sorry about that guys, I just didn’t have the heart to re-write it. The moral of the story is to always save on your computer. Always.

I never seem to learn from my mistakes though, that is why I constantly keep losing umbrellas on the train. I lost my forth umbrella on Wednesday because I am forgetful and dreamy and don’t deserve to have an umbrella.

I am very busy at the moment mostly with writing and computery things which is draining all my energy. I have spent about five hours today doing an online portfolio in an attempt to get more writing work. It looks minimalist but it’s got blood, sweat and cold tea in there.

I hope you are well and eating lots of chocolate and keeping warm. I am going to log off and try and attempt at having a life away from laptop. Tah tah!


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