The Write Stuff Thursdays

Greeting readers! This week is proudly brought you to by a hot cup of tea and a bowl of microwaved porridge. How are you? I hope you are well. I went back to uni this week which excellent for my wrist RSI and slumpy back from sitting in front of the computer.

So far this week I have been told I have to write a five year plan for a class (yuck!), been reminded that novel writing is hard and gritty and am enjoying the very funny ‘Cold Comfort Farm.’ Also I have started being a writer contributed to the very cool Channel 31 show ‘Media Strikes back.’ It’s on at Monday night 7pm and its all about Melbourne culture and life, beats watching Home and Away that’s for sure.

Quick Freedom Tights update, I have moved all my professional writing portfolio stuff to this page. I will still be updating frequently Mondays and Thursdays as long as I have wonderful guest post contributors. Seven weeks in and still going strong baby! I will be cutting back on my write stuff Thursdays links to share due to uni and not spending as much time online and on twitter.

I know, sad to be living in the real world. I will post infrequently about other things of interest to the mixed bag world of this blog, but I will try to make sure that they are quality posts.

How hard should it be to give up alcohol? by Sarah Macdonald: Sarah is doing Dry July which turned out to be more of a struggle then she thought. I enjoyed this piece of honest writing as it is an eye opener into how we use things like alcohol/food as a relaxant and as a daily crutch.

Public and Private: On Zines by Sophie Benjamin: One of the problems I also have with writing online is how much of my private life I should share. Not just because it would be over sharing, but because it may be boorish to the readers. In this article Sophie talks about why she prefers to use zines instead of her blog as an outlet to discuss her mental illness.

Hope you all have a great week!



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