The Write Stuff Thursdays

Good morning. How are you? Right now I’m sitting in my floral jim jams and my bum-like flanny jacket. It is warm and it is peaceful. Outside in the street I can see a few pink buds of the tulip-like tree getting ready to burst open when Spring comes around. My button clock tells me it’s after 8.30. My body is pretty wrecked from my kicking/boxing/karate session at the gym. My mind is a doing the chicken dance, busy moving, thoughts squawking and getting ready for another day at university. I am writing and reading this week and I think, it is lovely.

Side Effects of Being a Writer by Sam Van Zweden:  Although there are good things about writing, there’s some shit things too. In this piece Sam discusses some of the ways her minds betrays her. Writing can be a lonely and draining task but it is great to know that I’m not alone with having an anxious and somewhat paranoid mind.


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