When life becomes like Bukoswki, maybe take up volunteering..

Last Friday I had a Bukoswki of a day. Which may mean a few things:

1) I got really drunk and wrote some awesome poetry.

2) I got really drunk and acted like an A – hole.

3) I got really drunk and peed in the sink.

4) None of these things.


Sorry to disappoint you but I did 4) none of these things. What I meant was the world was acting like Charles Bukowski.  A bastard. A beautifully poetic bastard who is hard to like sometimes. Why? You ask. Well..

On Friday I missed out on a job I went for. It’s not an unusual thing, it happens and lately, quite frequently. I seem to be running 2nd, just miss out to people who are doing a Masters, who have more experience in a particular field,  have cooler hair or I don’t know, eat more fruit than me.

Really, one piece a day is not enough Shannon. Eat more fruit!

I know the world is a competitive place, but sometimes it just seems impossibly competitive and overwhelming. How does one stand out from the crowd without donning a pair of stilts and a pin-striped suit and cane hat? I don’t know the answer to that my friend, but trying and being passionate is the best start to get noticed.

Today I went to an RMIT talk about volunteering and how it can enhance your resume. There was a range of speakers from NAB, Melbourne City Council, Interchange and others talking about what volunteering means for an employer. Volunteering makes you looked like a more rounded character, it gives you a better soul. Interestingly, the most I got out of this talk was not the aspects of ‘how will this get me a job?’ but ‘what can this do for me as a human being?’

It can be so easy to get caught up in getting that kick-ass job but sometimes it’s worth pursuing a passion in a volunteer role. I know that most of my volunteer experiences have left me that warm fuzzy feeling. It’s also nice to not have to compete all the time. It’s good to take a break.

Now excuse me I’m off to check up on my pie.



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3 responses to “When life becomes like Bukoswki, maybe take up volunteering..

  1. Maybe you should volunteer to deliver fruit?
    Best of luck with the job hunting – it’s tough out there, but I’m sure you’ll find something great. :)

  2. strangenewfriend

    Keep going Shan, if it were me, I’d employ you on the spot! The more you get your name out there, the sooner you’ll get some offers. I bet you’ll get like three at once and find yourself having to choose! :P

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