Monday Guest Post by Shannon Donovan

The book that encouraged my imagination

By Shannon Donovan

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland actually wasn’t read to me yet as a child its existence seemed constantly known to me. We always had a copy in the house and I remember looking at the black and white illustrations and thinking them truly beautiful, which was a first for my young self as I didn’t usually have much patience for pictures without colour.

As I grew older I began watching film adaptions of the story and being intrigued at the strangeness of the story and the queer way in which the characters spoke and conducted themselves. I connected and fell in love with the story from then on. We have a copy in my home with both Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass and what Alice found there, its been there for as long as I can recall.

It has a lovely hard-cover and after poring over the illustrations repeatedly  I began trying to decipher the words as I was only in the very beginning stages of my learning to read.  Eventually after putting it down for a few months then picking it up again, I was able to read my beautiful story to myself. I was enraptured by this story that I felt perfectly connected to. When I was younger, I was significantly disconnected from reality some of the time and liked to imagine incredible or beautiful things that weren’t necessarily there.

So when I read this story I felt as though my way of thinking and wonderment at the curious was understood by another and was glorified in the written word. This connection and sense of security in the written word is an important signifier in what encouraged my adoration of reading and writing. I want nothing more than to be able to connect to a person through my writing the way Lewis Carroll did with me.

Having recently re-read the story, I was thrilled to find it as strikingly lovely as I’d remembered it.  A particular favourite character of mine being the Mad Hatter (to who I can reasonably give much credit to my current obsession with tea) who was as endearing and curious as I’d always thought him to be. I felt contented that my childhood friends of Wonderland were and always will be, with me.

      Shannon Donovan  is a 20 year old who loves to write and paint.  She is a tea obsessive and lover all things imaginative. Shannon blogs here.



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3 responses to “Monday Guest Post by Shannon Donovan

  1. I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and it inspired me, too! I’ve written a fantasy/adventure series called the Chronicles of Forever and my first book, The Lands of Forever, is the first one to be published.

    • Shannon McKeogh

      That sounds pretty interesting thanks for your comment Ruth and for following my mixed bag of lolly blog. Are you from around these parts? (Melbourne)

  2. Isn’t it a beautiful story? So inspiring. Your series sounds lovely, Ruth!

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